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Pros and Cons of a Roth IRA Conversion

20 years ago, Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act, bringing the Roth IRA into existence. Since that time, it has grown in popularity, and become an important feature in retirement planning. At the ten-year mark, in 2007, the number grew to 3.3 trillion dollars among 50 million investors. Faster growth in the popularity of Roth […]

How to Choose the Best Investments Within Your 401K

401Ks and other employer sponsored retirement plans are some of the best resources to grow retirement funds.Tax deferred treatment immediately puts contributions to work, while lowering taxable income. Company plans feature significantly higher contribution levels than comparable individual options. They feature an uncomplicated process to sign up, and automatic payroll deductions lead to consistent deposits […]

Complete Guide to 401K Transfer Options

Modern culture has modified the relationship between employer and employee, leading to an increase in job movement.Employers release staff through layoffs to accommodate changes in demand. As a business evolves, there is a need for different skill sets and talent to respond to the changes. Today, instead of hiring lifetime employees who remain with the […]

What You Need to Know Before Attending a For-Profit College

There has been a rise in recent years of For-profit colleges and universities.  These schools operate under a different model than traditional, not-for-profit schools.Private non-profit schools receive sponsorship from a church or other non-profit organizations, which help fund the school and guide its operations. Public schools, also in the non-profit category, receive much of their […]

Understanding the Economic Impact of Rising Student Loan Debt

Recent news highlighted the staggering rise in student loan debt balances and captured the attention of political candidates, economists, and college graduates. Parents and students continue to recognize the value a college degree brings in terms of increased job prospects and higher wages. Many high schools direct all students toward a college education.Yet, withthe price […]

Signs the Auto Industry Will Be the Next Debt Crisis

New studies show that while Americans took out fewer mortgages in the last decade, auto and student loan balances have largely replaced the decline. Since 2013, consumer debt rose by 12.8%, adding $22 billion in auto loans the last quarter of 2016. The numbers themselves are not as troubling as the similarities to the housing […]

Student Loan Debt Reduction or Retirement Savings? Where to Begin

There is never enough money to go around. Each month you make important decisions which impact your long-term financial well-being.High student loan debt and low retirement account balances arehot topics affecting millions of consumers. In 2016, graduates completed school with an average of $37,172 in student loan debt – enough to cause many Millennials to […]

What To Know About Important Changes Coming to Student Loans and College Financial Aid

The Executive Branch’s federal budget proposal will highlight several recommendedchanges to federal funding designed to assist students with the cost of obtaining a college education. The proposalsuggests altering student loan income-based repayment programs, loan forgiveness options, work study funding, loan subsidies, and Pell Grants. While these recommendations are not the final word, it puts the […]

The Best Ways to Protect Your Financial Apps from Hackers

The frequent  hacking of corporate websites has resulted in additional measures by majorcorporations to protect personal customer data. In 2015, a total of 781 companies experienced data breaches from professional hackers stealing information about millions of consumers. While only a small percentage of financial companies experienced hacks, the total number doubled between 2014 and 2015, […]