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Resources to Save Money on Your Next Apartment

With housing prices on the rise and lenders still reluctant to approve buyers for mortgages, many families are discovering the need to find more affordable housing options. While apartments have always been a popular choice, today finding one in a good neighborhood, in close proximity to work, at a cost you can afford, can be […]

Maximizing Work Benefits – Health Insurance

The fall season brings change. The trees morph with natural reds, oranges, yellows, and browns gracefully preparing for the cold winter ahead. Children return to school, and the summer chaos comes to an end. Before the holiday season gets underway, and the new year approaches, many employers give you a chance to adjust your employee […]

How to Save Money Through Bartering

The art of bartering with others for goods and services, instead of paying cash for them, has increased in popularity over the last decade. If you have ever swapped a good or service for another good or service, you have bartered. Traditionally bartered goods and services could only occur within a small geographic area. Today, […]

How to Choose a Financial Adviser

Saving for retirement begins with putting money into a dedicated account. Once you have funds in an account, you must decide where to invest the money to capitalize on account growth until you need it. Without knowledge and experience, you could choose investments with higher risk than you are comfortable with or conservative investments that […]

6 Habits to Stop Before You Turn Thirty

With high school and college behind you, it’s time to strike out on your own. Your twenties are often a time of discovery. You try out different college majors, various jobs, and even friends to see where you fit. As you find your place in the world, you start to look further ahead to meet […]

10 Fundamental Things You Must Know About Bonds

Bonds are sometimes seen as less glamorous in the world of investments; however, bonds can provide stability and a reduction in volatility when used to complete an investor’s diversification picture. Bonds can benefit nearly everyone’s portfolio because they come with various risks and rates of return. Unlike a stock that may or may not appreciate, […]