ways to save money

Money Management and Your First Job

Entering the workforce is exciting. No more Ramen noodles and living on a student budget. You are finally earning a real paycheck and starting to take on adult responsibilities. Having a full time income can make you feel wealthy, until you start to calculate all the bills that go along with the new found adult […]
Military Debt Collection Protection

Collection and Legal Protections for Members of the Military

Military service offers a number of benefits both during and after you have served. These benefits relate to debt collection, contracts, judgments, evictions, wage garnishments, interest charges, and more. Most of the benefits are extended to those serving in active duty with a few reaching family members and dependents or retired military members. These legal […]
Understanding Free Credit Scores

Understanding Free Credit Scores

Understanding Differences in Free Credit Scores In September 2013, FICO scores became more readily available to consumers when FICO introduced the Open Access program. Prior to that time lenders were not allowed to share FICO scores they purchased with consumers. Today, this partnership has resulted in millions of consumers having access to credit scores, at […]
How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

10 Steps to a Debt Free Life Carrying debt creates stress, especially when large amounts have been accrued over the years. Debt has a way of creeping up on you, rather than coming from one or two large expenses. Regardless of whether it came from a year of unemployment, a sick family member or overspending, […]
Wage Garnishments

Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments are a last resort for creditors in an effort to collect a debt from a consumer. Once in place, garnishments can be a tremendous financial burden as the payments are automatic and reduce your take home income significantly, making it difficult to pay basic living expenses. How Wage Garnishments Occur When you are […]