Credit Report

Credit Reports Accuracy

The Government Aims for Increased Accuracy on Credit Reports Studies have found that nearly 80% of credit reports contain some kind of error and around 25% of those errors could lead to a decline of a loan application. ¹ Given the importance of the credit report and its impact on consumers, there is a strong […]
Debt Relief

Do it Yourself Debt Relief – The Pay in Full Strategy

Millions of Americans have found themselves buried in debt and looking for solutions. The average consumer’s indebtedness has grown steadily each year, with the default rate remaining steady. While this is good news for credit card companies, which benefit from high interest rates, it is not good for those trying to pay off debt. Today’s […]
Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Reporting Agencies Required To Implement Consumer Friendly Practices

Credit reports and credit scores impact consumer’s ability to get approved for everything from credit cards, student loans, home mortgage, cell phone, satellite TV, and even auto insurance rates. With so much riding on one document, accuracy is critical to consumers. Yet a recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report estimates that 25% of consumer reports […]