Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Reporting Agencies Required To Implement Consumer Friendly Practices

Credit reports and credit scores impact consumer’s ability to get approved for everything from credit cards, student loans, home mortgage, cell phone, satellite TV, and even auto insurance rates. With so much riding on one document, accuracy is critical to consumers. Yet a recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report estimates that 25% of consumer reports […]
Debt by a Thousand Cuts

Debt by a Thousand Cuts

Stopping the Unseen Leaks in Your Budget that Are Sinking Your Financial Ship Spending can become so automatic that you barely recognize where the money goes. What you do know is that you work hard, get paid, and the money disappears as fast as it is earned. Or faster, meaning credit cards  are often used […]
Credit Scores and Debt Resolution

The Relationship Between Credit Scores and Debt Resolution

In the last couple of year’s credit card companies and credit monitoring services have made access to credit scores widely available. Scores are offered with credit card monthly statements and can be obtained free when credit monitoring services are subscribed to. The increase in identity theft has prompted wider access and encouraged consumers to monitor […]