Top 4 Websites To File Your Taxes For Free!

It's that time of year again - the much-dreaded tax season. Preparing and filing your taxes is time-consuming and can be expensive, depending on how you decide to file your return. Filing does not have to hit you in the bank account, though. Today, we've compiled a list of the top four websites where you can file your tax returns for free.

H&R Block Free File

Most people have heard of H&R Block, and their free filing program is one of the most expansive out there for taxpayers. They offer free state returns if you qualify for the free federal return. Also included are child and dependent care expenses for families, student loan interest deductions and tuition and fees statements for students, and health coverage exemptions for the uninsured.

To see if you qualify, visit the H&R Block Free File website.

TurboTax Free File Program

TurboTax is another company many are familiar with thanks to their tax preparation software, but they also have a program under which some taxpayers can file for free. Like with H&R Block's Free File, they offer free filing for state returns if you qualify for free federal filing. The qualifications are different, but their website makes it easy to determine your eligibility quickly.

For more information, and to see if you qualify for the TurboTax Free File Program, visit their website.

TaxACT Free File

Although TaxACT is not quite as well known as TurboTax or H&R Block, it is another website that gives you the ability to file state and federal tax returns if you meet the requirements for their program. Their list of qualifications is different from both TurboTax and H&R Block, so be sure to familiarize yourself with what they are looking for.

To determine your eligibility, visit the TaxACT Free File website.

eSmart Free File Edition

As with others listed above, eSmart offers free federal returning filing for eligible taxpayers. However, it does not offer the option of free state returns for those who qualify for federal returns or state returns in all 50 states. The qualifications for eSmart's free file program differ from all three of the above, so (again) look over their requirements carefully to see if you meet their requirements.

For more information on eSmart's Free File program, visit their website.


Before starting a return with any of the websites mentioned above, please make sure you meet their eligibility requirements for free tax return filings. Each site determine who qualifies for their program differently, so do not assume that qualifying for one means you qualify for all.

Also, the above four sites participate in the Free File Alliance coalition with the IRS to provide free tax return filing services. If none of these are suitable for you in your situation, you can visit the IRS's Free File Software Options page to review other sites involved in this partnership and find one that meets your needs. You can use their Lookup Tool to help you determine the site that is right for you.

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