How to Avoid the Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes

Americans e-filed more than 122,164,000 million tax returns for the 2016 Tax season by the end of April 2017. During this time, more than 51,763,000 million individuals self-prepared and filed returns. With the help of tax software, more individuals are completing taxes without the help of a professional, which can lead to costly mistakes. A […]

Legal Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

During the 2016 tax season, Americans had an average gross income (AGI) of $67,564, with a federal tax hit of $9,665. Overall, this means the average family pays taxes at the federal rate of 14.3%. These figures include low-income workers with a negative federal tax bill due to the earned income tax credit. Removing those […]

Changes to the Tax Laws for the 2018 Tax Season

The US tax code is both complicated and ever changing. Each year Congress makes adjustments for inflation, enacts laws, and makes changes to deductions or credits, impacting your return. Some years the changes are small and others dramatic. 2017 did not major changes in the tax code. However, there are a number of adjustments, which […]