Top Exclusions Found in Your Homeowners Policy

Buying a homeowner’s insurance policy is an important aspect of protecting your home from major monetary loss. Whether you experience a theft or fire, you want the insurance company to pay for damages without requiring major out of pocket costs. For example, every 13 seconds a home burglary takes place, with over 2,000,000 occurring annually. […]

The Financial Impact of Identity Theft and How to Protect Yourself

The US Federal Trade Commission estimates that 3 million Americans have recently experienced the illegal use of their credit cards. In 2013, Javelin Research determined one incident of identity fraud takes place every three seconds, and fraud incidents increased by 1 million consumers with 21 billion dollars stolen. Identity theft occurs when a hacker or unauthorized person […]

Money Saving Tips for Spring Break Travel

Vacations have many benefits, which include improved mental and physical health, closer family ties, and a new perspective. You may have the desire to take a vacation, but hesitate because holidays cost money. When you have tight finances, it can be tempting to avoid days off from work to prevent from falling further behind financially. […]

Millennial Money Myths and The Truth Behind Them

Millennials have a reputation of ineffectively managing finances. However, eighty percent of them carry cash, and forty-two percent writes checks. Entering the workforce during the Great Recession created a more conservative approach to major life milestones and even debt management. The Millennial Generation Ranging between 18 and 35, they have recently surpassed the Baby Boomer […]

Why High Debt Balances Scare Lenders

Borrowing money allows you to leverage income. You can buy things today without having the cash to complete the purchase. Lenders, on the other side of the transaction, want to earn interest (and fees) on the money they lend, to make a profit. When extending a loan, they also run the risk of a borrower […]

The Most Common Mistakes Made When Paying off Debt

Taking action to eliminate debt can be life-changing. You will no longer spend a portion of your paycheck to pay yesterday’s purchases, and you will find more discretionary income each month for other financial priorities. Whether you have goals to save more for retirement, increase financial security through an emergency fund, travel more or take […]

Credit Activity That Scares Lenders

The process of getting a loan is intimidating because you know the lender will judge the past financial behavior to determine if you qualify for a new loan. Yet, past actions do not always predict future performance. Consumers can unwittingly take actions that send red flags to potential lenders and could prevent them from approving […]