The New FHA Changes That Impact Loan Qualification, What It Means To Home Buyers:

The FHA presented new guidelines for lenders for 2015 and 2016, beginning September 15, 2015. These new guidelines will impact the loan approval process for home buyers applying for mortgages. FHA loans typically target borrowers needing low down payment requirements and lower credit scores, than conventional mortgages. Loan to Value Often referred to as the […]

Want to join The Armed Forces: Be Sure to Check Your Credit First

The requirements for serving your country include both physical and financial fitness. Much like the civilian world where more employers are now requiring credit checks to qualify for employment, the military branches have also determined that financial responsibility impacts performance in the field. Financial reviews are used when enlisting in the military along with checks […]

Collection and Legal Protections for Members of the Military

Military service offers a number of benefits both during and after you have served. These benefits relate to debt collection, contracts, judgments, evictions, wage garnishments, interest charges, and more. Most of the benefits are extended to those serving in active duty with a few reaching family members and dependents or retired military members. These legal […]