The Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Aid Package

School financial aid offerings are a crucial part of deciding where to attend: the average cost of attending a public universities exceeds $20,000, private universities are broaching $50,000 per year. without a comprehensive financial aid package, you could easily incur thousands of dollars in debt each year. Financial assistance is not created equal, and, can […]

What You Need to Know Before Attending a For-Profit College

There has been a rise in recent years of For-profit colleges and universities.  These schools operate under a different model than traditional, not-for-profit schools.Private non-profit schools receive sponsorship from a church or other non-profit organizations, which help fund the school and guide its operations. Public schools, also in the non-profit category, receive much of their […]

Understanding the Economic Impact of Rising Student Loan Debt

Recent news highlighted the staggering rise in student loan debt balances and captured the attention of political candidates, economists, and college graduates. Parents and students continue to recognize the value a college degree brings in terms of increased job prospects and higher wages. Many high schools direct all students toward a college education.Yet, withthe price […]

Student Loan Debt Reduction or Retirement Savings? Where to Begin

There is never enough money to go around. Each month you make important decisions which impact your long-term financial well-being.High student loan debt and low retirement account balances arehot topics affecting millions of consumers. In 2016, graduates completed school with an average of $37,172 in student loan debt – enough to cause many Millennials to […]