Tips on Managing Student Loan Debt

Over 44.2 million borrowers currently must repay 1.48 trillion dollars in educational debt. Students graduating in 2017, had an average student loan balance of $39,400, with former students under 30 experiencing an average monthly payment of $351. The payments can be equivalent to a car payment for the duration of a mortgage. The student loan […]

The Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Aid Package

School financial aid offerings are a crucial part of deciding where to attend: the average cost of attending a public universities exceeds $20,000, private universities are broaching $50,000 per year. without a comprehensive financial aid package, you could easily incur thousands of dollars in debt each year. Financial assistance is not created equal, and, can […]

What You Need to Know Before Attending a For-Profit College

There has been a rise in recent years of For-profit colleges and universities.  These schools operate under a different model than traditional, not-for-profit schools.Private non-profit schools receive sponsorship from a church or other non-profit organizations, which help fund the school and guide its operations. Public schools, also in the non-profit category, receive much of their […]