5 Best Personal Finance Apps in 2019

Not everyone has their financial life in order. When it comes to budgeting and saving, we often struggle, whether it's because we're too busy or just plain don't feel like thinking about money.

As smartphones are becoming smarter, mobile apps have begun to offer a variety of features for those of us who want to improve our personal finance skills.

Manage your money like a pro with the 5 best personal finance apps available for download on Android and iOS right now!

1. Mint

Best for Budgeting

Powered by Inuit Inc., the makers of TurboTax, Mint puts your bank account, credit cards, bills, and investments all in one place. This allows you to see a more complete picture of your financial life, giving you the tools you need to stay on top of your finances.

You can create a budget on Mint, which will be set as a weekly or monthly goal. The app will notify you if you go over your budget.

2. Acorns

Best for Saving/Building a Nest Egg

Invest your spare change with Acorns. The app doesn't require you to fork over thousands of dollars like other companies require to open an account. With Acorns, you can add as little as $5/a week, day, or month. Watch your account grow with a recurring investment.

3. Robinhood

Best for Investing

With Robinhood, you can invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). Robinhood can connect with 3500+ banks like Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo. You can start your account easy, without having to fill out any paperwork or signing any contracts. There are no commissions involved. Whatever returns you make from your investment are all yours.

4. TurboTax

Best for Doing Taxes

Unconventional as it seems to file your taxes on your mobile device, TurboTax offers a convenient and easy user interface to get it done. The app has a Driver's license/ID barcode scanner, which instantly captures your info with your smartphone's camera. With the ExplainWhy feature, you get explanations about your refund with just a tap.

And the coolest feature of all? With the TurboTax app, you will gain access to SmartLook, which gives you live on-screen video help for any tax-related questions you might have. Your TurboTax specialist will guide by drawing right on the screen.

4. MetaTrader 5

Best for Forex Trading 

Trade currencies while on the go, anytime and anywhere, with MetaTrader 5. Trading charts are mobile-friendly with zoom and scroll options. Push notifications about your active trades will come straight to your mobile device. You'll also get free financial news delivered to your inbox.

5. NerdWallet

Best for Tracking Credit Score

Keep track of your credit score with NerdWallet. You'll gain a better understanding about the factors that influence your FICO score. NerdWallet's credit simulator comes in handy for when you want to see what actions will help (or hurt) your score.

When you connect your credit cards through NerdWallet, you can get 2-10% cash back at local stores, boutiques, and restaurants. In addition to keeping track of your credit, NerdWallet offers a money tracker, which helps with budgeting and saving.

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