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Different Debt Relief Options

Debt Negotiation Strategies

How Does Debt Negotiation Work?

This strategic approach involves professional negotiators that work with the credit card companies to reduce the total amount owed. The process will provide immediate relief, by reducing monthly payments. It will stop collection calls for any debt that being negotiated. Typically, it will take two to four years to pay off the negotiated debt at the settled amounts.

Skilled debt negotiators have existing relationships with most credit card companies. This enables them to effectively negotiate terms that the credit card company will accept. Debt negotiators understand the parameters of each company, ensuring you will pay the lowest amount possible and that upon reaching a settlement agreement, the debt will be considered paid in full. The legal paperwork will be drawn up protecting you from any further collection efforts, and eliminates the credit card company’s ability to sell your account to a collection agency.

Under the credit card negotiation scenario, you will need to save funds that will be used to pay your creditors once a resolution of your debt has been reached. Each month, you will make a savings deposit into an FDIC insured special purpose account that is controlled by you. Once a credit card account has been successfully negotiated, and a settlement agreement has been reached, the company will arrange for payment from the funds you have saved in your special purpose account. The payment will be made from the special purpose account, after you have approved the agreement. All legal documentation is provided by our firm.

This strategy requires a legitimate hardship, such as the loss or reduction of income, death of a spouse, divorce or medical issues.

While debt negotiation is not a one size fits all solution, it can offer immediate relief, reduced monthly payments and a long term solution to build a debt free life. Call Finance Solutions today to see if this is the best option for eliminating your debt.


  • Negotiators Work On Your Behalf To Settle Debt, Often For Less Than Half The Balance
  • Immediate Debt Relief Through Lower Monthly Payments
  • Ability To Become Debt Free In 2 To 4 Years
  • Not Required To Enroll Every Credit Card In The Program
  • Stop Collection Calls
  • Credit Will Improve As Accounts Are Paid Off


  • Credit Score May Decline Initially Before Increasing Over Time
  • Credit Cards Enrolled In The Program Will Be Closed
  • Must Accumulate Savings Through Monthly Payments Before Debt Can Be Negotiated
  • Accounts Will Be Listed As Settled For Less Than Full Balance On Your Credit Report
  • Lack Of On Time Monthly Payments May Extend Payoff Periods
  • Balances May Temporarily Increase With The Accrual Of Fees And Interest
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