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What Is 401K Loan?

These accounts might also be a resource for a loan, as most 401k’s offer a loan option. When looking for relief from high interest rate credit card debt, consider all of your options before raiding your retirement funds. If you have other resources like an equity line of credit or a second mortgage, these might be better suited to provide debt relief. Unlike loans against your home, where the interest is tax deductible, 401k loans do not offer any tax benefits and can come with tax penalties.

Another factor to consider is that you are withdrawing pretax funds and paying back the loan with after tax dollars, which will then be taxed again when it is withdrawn at retirement. While the interest rate on the loan may be low, the tax implications add to the overall costs. Payments are generally deducted from each paycheck and must be paid in full over a maximum of 5 years. You will need to reduce your debt enough to cover these weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payments. Also consider that any withdrawal will remove invested funds and during the payback period, this amount will no longer be growing in value to fund your retirement.

Job security is one of the biggest considerations when deciding to take a 401k loan. If you are laid off or leave your employment for any reason, the loan must be paid back in 60 days. Any outstanding balance after 60 days is considered a distribution. If you are under 59½, this could result in both taxation and a 10% penalty when you file your taxes. The loan amount will be considered income and can significantly impact your tax bill. Failing to make payments on time can also result in the loan being considered a withdrawal and have the same penalties and taxation as leaving your job.

To learn more about the 401k loan option meet with the 401k administrator to determine eligibility. Our specialists at Financial Solutions can help you evaluate this option to determine if it is the best option for your circumstances.


  • Can Borrow Up To 50% Of The Account Balance For A Maximum Loan Of $50,000.
  • Loan Is Not Credit Dependent And Has Very Few Factors For Qualification.
  • Fast Approval Process.
  • Low Interest Rates.
  • You Are Paying Yourself Interest, Making Your Return On Your Money The Interest Paid On The Account.
  • Low Fees. The 401k Administrator Determines The Fees For Managing The Loan, But These Are Generally Low.
  • Payback Is Accomplished Through Automatic Payroll Deductions With A Payment Made On Each Pay Period.


  • Payback Must Be Completed In A Maximum Of 5 Years.
  • If You Change Jobs Or Get Laid Off You Have 60 Days To Payback Your Loan.
  • Failure To Make A Payment For 90 Days Will Result In The Loan Being Considered A Distribution By The Irs And Result In Taxation Of The Loan Amount And Possible Penalties.
  • Reduces Invested Funds, Which Will Impact Account Growth For The Period Of Time The Loan Is Outstanding.
  • Automatic Payments Can Create A Financial Challenge, Which Could Result In Acquiring More Debt.
  • Loan Proceeds Are With Pretax Dollars And Payments With After Tax Dollars.
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