Tips on Lowering the Cost of Holiday Travel

Approximately 91.9 million Americans travel over 50 miles from home during the holiday season. Travel costs add up to over 14 billion dollars for the Thanksgiving holiday and another $58 billion in December travel, according to an annual Hotwire American Travel Behavior Survey. The increase in tourists raises demand and leads to higher travel costs, […]

Top Holiday Money Wasters

Often dubbed as the most joyous time of year, the holidays can also be among the most stressful. On top of obligations faced every month, there are additional pressures to spend more, visit family and attend holiday events. While some additional expenses are unavoidable, there are many ways you can waste money without realizing the […]

Financial Skills Every Freshman Should Possess

The American education system does not provide an adequate financial education for 74% of high school students, leaving college-bound kids unprepared for what lies ahead. Only 13 states require students to complete financial courses as a requirement for graduation, compounding the problem. Despite the lack of access to financial courses, students showed an eagerness to […]

The Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Aid Package

School financial aid offerings are a crucial part of deciding where to attend: the average cost of attending a public universities exceeds $20,000, private universities are broaching $50,000 per year. without a comprehensive financial aid package, you could easily incur thousands of dollars in debt each year. Financial assistance is not created equal, and, can […]

Money Saving Strategies for Fall Break

Fall break is a chance to avoid the large crowds and the high cost of summer travel while enjoying off-peak pricing at your favorite destinations. AAA estimates that 30% of Americans will travel between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Whether the break translates to a long weekend or a full week off school and work, there […]

Financial Hacks for College Students

In 2014 American Colleges and Universities estimated an enrollment of 21 million students. A Harvard study called “Pathways to Prosperity” found that 56% of students graduate within six years. Colleges have an average annual cost of $17,000 at public in-state schools, $30,000 for out-of-state public schools, and $39,000 for private universities. The math for students […]

Guide to Getting More Money for College

Since 2012 the price of attending a four-year college increased approximately 11% per year, making it increasingly difficult for the average family to afford; the cost of college tuition can exceed 76% of the annual pay for lower to middle-income families. Government grants and other sources of free aid have not kept pace with the […]