6 Fun Things To Do With Your Children This Spring

Springtime is finally here. Now that the weather is warm, now is a great time to look for some fun things to do with the kids. After being inside for the winter, getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a great idea. Below are some fun things that you can do with your children.

Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Now is when you're going to see the robins coming back and flowers coming up. This is a great way that you can get your little ones outside and away from the tablets and the television. Below are some things that you can have your children look for.

  • Robin
  • Red flower
  • Yellow flower
  • Big rock
  • Little rock
  • Cloud
  • Sun
  • Car
  • Butterfly

Give your children a bag to put their treasures in that they can pick up and give them a piece of paper with pictures of the larger items on it and a crayon so they can cross it off.

Get Creative Outside

Do your kids love to color? Why not get them a bucket of sidewalk chalk and let the driveway and the sidewalk be their palette? You can buy a big tub of sidewalk chalk for a few bucks at the store, and it will help them get creative while being outside at the same time.

Take Them to the Park

Your children have likely been inside for most of the winter. So why not go to the park and let them have some fun? You can even pack a picnic lunch to take along you. You can take a ball for them to play with or another favorite outside toy. Bubbles are the perfect park activity. Or, you can combine your trip to the park with a scavenger hunt. Maybe even put a treat at the end of the list, and when they can't find the treat, bring it out of your bag. They'll love it!

Plant a Tree

Since Earth Day is also coming up, why not get your children excited about the environment? Remember all those annoying mustache seeds that are around in the fall? Why not give each of your children one of those seeds and let them each plant their own tree, space permitting. If you can only plant one, make sure that you let them both help plant it.

Go to a Museum

Since spring often can be rainy, if you are looking for something to do that's inside you can take your children to a museum. There are so many wonderful museums in New York that you can take them too that they'll enjoy.

Bake Some Cookies

What child doesn't like cookies? You can even get them in the Easter spirit by baking cookies in the shapes of eggs, bunnies and chicks. Make sure you let them help decorate them. What a fun and delicious idea!

These are just six things that you can do with your children during the spring. Whether you are planning time outside or it's raining, there's a lot of fun activities that you can do with children of any age.

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