Hobbies to Keep Your Spirits High While Staying at Home

Stay-at-home orders by many states have people wondering what they're going to do with their time. It hasn't even been a month, and people are feeling cooped up in their homes. Rather than being an unproductive shut-in at risk for anxiety and depression, keep your spirits high by engaging in hobbies during the stay-at-home order. Staying at home may not be exciting, but it is an opportunity to learn and perfect skills for which you normally don't have time.

1. Learn Your Instrument.

So many people have a guitar or other instrument collecting dust inside of their home. Have you always wanted to play but never had the time to learn? Well, you have time now. Not only is this a great time to learn to play an instrument because of the stay-at-home order, but you also have many opportunities to learn. The internet, especially YouTube videos, can get you playing a song within days.

2. Start a Blog.

So many of us are aspiring writers who have a message to give or a story to tell. A lot of us already have blogs, but they sit waiting for the occasional weekend blurb or poorly-edited babbling. Now, you can really put your writing skills to the test. There's plenty to write about, and self-publishing your work on a blog is a rewarding experience.

3. Finish Your Binge-Watch.

Not every hobby you do during your time at home needs to be productive. For many dedicated workers, this can be a time to relax. Finish watching a season of your favorite show, or finish a few seasons. Relax. It isn't often the world wants you to stay at home and do nothing.

4. Garden.

Spring is starting, and stay at home does not mean don't go outside as long as you can maintain social distancing. If you are feeling a little dark, enjoy some sunshine. Go pull some weeds or begin planting your garden. Getting outside is healthy for the mind and body, so if you don't garden, find some reason to get outside.

5. Learn A Different Language.

Unless you are able to immerse yourself in a different language by staying in a different country, staying at home is a wonderful way to learn a different language. With many language-learning apps available and movies available with subtitles, you can immerse yourself in the language at home. You might even make some friends through social media apps and get a chance to converse.

6. Finish A Book.

It's hard to finish a book when you work full-time and have other responsibilities when you get home. A few pages a night before the book hits you in the face as you fall asleep doesn't lead to finishing many books. Now is the time to get caught up on your reading list. This is true for those who rely on their Audible accounts as well.

7. Make Something.

Telling a person to make something is a very broad instruction, but it covers just about everyone. Maybe you are a knitter or a beader. Maybe you're a woodworker or an artist. Whatever your craft or desired hobby is, make it happen. The loss of productivity and direction is what makes staying at home so difficult, and making something provides a solution to this funk.

Nobody would call a pandemic "fun," but staying at home can be fun if you engage in a hobby. It's all about making the best of the plight we've been given. Staying at home will help to save lives, and you can continue a life at home by doing the things for which you've always wished you had time.

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