Family Weekend Outings: Having Fun on a Budget

Family weekend outings let you and your children unwind, have fun, and de-stress from a busy week of work and school. But it's not uncommon for weekend plans to have to be cut short due to financial issues, especially if you have more than one child or grandchild. Weekend outings shouldn't have to wear you down with the burden they might place on your bank or be cut out entirely simply because what most consider to be "fun" requires spending money. By following this useful budget advice, your family can have fun and spend smart during the weekends off.

Fun, Cheap, and Free

This website, appropriately titled "Fun, Cheap and Free" lists 100 activities for families to do with their children over the summer that are easy, enjoyable, and light on the bank account. Activities such as visiting the library, going for a nature walk and visiting the fire station are all free activities the website lists that children will enjoy, with other cheap activities included on the site.

Create a Weekend Budget

Budgeting ahead of time can help make spending easier. If your family is planning activities that may cost more money, take some time to work how much you are willing to spend. Bringing along your own snacks, food and drinks will help cut down on those extra costs to keep the kids happy during the warm weather. Planning ahead of time will decrease any stress you might have about financials and help you figure out what expenses you will be able to cut out beforehand.

Summer Bucket List

On the topic of planning ahead, creating a summer bucket list can help you plan what trips and activities will cost you more and what ones can be cheaper. This can also be a fun activity to brainstorm fun things to do with your children and plan fun ideas that the entire family can enjoy. WellnessMama gives a number of tips and advice to help you and your family plan the perfect summer bucket list that kids can enjoy contributing to. The website includes its own bucket list with activities such as camping in a tree house, planning a scavenger hunt, and more.


Many cities and local towns offer museums for free or at discounted prices for young children. National Geographic lists some of the best free museums from around the country for families to visit from Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian museums to enjoyable exhibits out in California.

Community Activities

Bringing the neighbors or community into your weekend plans can make for a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends or meet new people. Community game nights or barbeques can be cheap when everyone contributes what they have and pitches in to help plan. Kids and adults can enjoy fun game nights at little to no cost and build a strong sense of community during the summer.

Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor activities to do with your family, money should never have to stop you from having a fun, relaxing weekend outing. There are countless ways to have fun without breaking your bank as long as you take advantage of the opportunities.

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