How to Save Money Through Bartering

The art of bartering with others for goods and services, instead of paying cash for them, has increased in popularity over the last decade. If you have ever swapped a good or service for another good or service, you have bartered. Traditionally bartered goods and services could only occur within a small geographic area. Today, with the internet, bartering can take place on a global scale. Individuals can determine items they no longer want or need and exchange it for something they do. Typically, these types of exchanges take place on swap markets and online auctions.

With new technological resources, you can barter everything from small tools, to cars, or even home Smaller items might include books, video games, clothing, sports equipment, and online services. When you barter it reduces the amount you must buy, leading to savings and you are also able to dispense of items you no longer want or use. If you have a valuable skill, consider trading it for goods or services you need.

Here are a few popular websites that encourage the practice of bartering for goods and services.


U-Exchange is one of the largest swapping websites available and covers every conceivable item. They do not take commissions on trades and only serve as a platform to connect people. They have an international presence with markets in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. You can barter services or goods, arrange home exchanges, or trade vehicles or motorcycles. Begin by registering for a free account. Then you may choose to search by item, or by the state. You can list what you have to trade along with what you want to get. For example, a web designer is looking to trade landscaping services, and another person wants to trade his boat for a motor home. There are many products and services available, with listings from all over the world. You can narrow down your search by using keywords to hone in on the items you want or the location.


Barter Only is an all-purpose barter site that carries everything from cars to vintage guitars. It operates similarly to Craigslist with over 40 categories of tradable items. You must initially create a free account before posting an item or connecting with other traders. You list the item details, your estimated value, and other things you have an interest in finding. Requiring an account reduces the amount of scam on the website. You may post up to three items free of charge. Additional postings cost $4, each, and services cost $5. You may choose to have unlimited listings for $10 a month for goods, $15 for services, or $20 for both.


Trade Away offers a wide range of goods and services within 25 categories and offers a free account to site users. You may buy, sell, list, and trade free of charge. Trade away gives you the ability to narrow your search by location, making it easier to find local trades that benefit both parties and reduces the risk of scams. The website generally restricts trades to the United States. The Trade Away website offers a wide range of products including cars, jewelry, food and beverages, ATV, UTV, and Snow.

Swap Ace

Swap Ace has an international audience with listings from the US, United Kingdom, and Australia. It provides different products ranging from cars, books, games, and clothes, and you can sell or swap items. You must maintain an account, which is free, to list or send a message to someone on the site.


Freecycle is a nonprofit organization that connects communities together to offer free goods. You can list items you want or items you have to offer. You do not need to find a reciprocal swap. On this site, you give away items or offer items for free to those with requests.

The purpose of the website is to prevent items from going into landfills by reusing products. You can trade clothes, CDs, and books, and many other items. You select your city and then review the requests from those who live in the area or list an item you no longer want. If there is no community in your area, you can apply to the administrator of the site to establish one.  Everything listed is free.


On the website Swap Me Sports you can buy, sell and trade sports equipment you no longer use. You can search by popularity or by sport, but not by location. Listings are throughout the country and many willing to sell rather than trade. Sports equipment often does not wear out. When you are ready to upgrade or decide to change sports, this website is a great place to unload unwanted equipment and pick up new pieces for your next adventure. The website navigation is simple, and it is easy to find the gear you want. It is free to sign up for an account and contact listings.


Listia is an auction website that works on credits. Each time you list an item (give it away on the website) you get credits, which you can use to “buy” other items listed on the site. It is a unique approach to bartering that places a value on the free item, and you bid against others who may be looking for the same thing. Everything is free, and you use credits to purchase items listed on the site. When you sign up, you get an initial, 1,000 credits and another 1,000 credits when you list your first item. The initial points give you the base to bid on other items you may want. A creative way to eliminate clutter in your home and get other things you will use.  Many of the items offer free shipping as well.

ReUseIt Network

The Re-Use-It Network is an online forum that serves to connect people in communities to help reduce waste and transfer property in an efficient and cost-effective way. People are encouraged to use items that you would otherwise throw away. You can join a local group through membership on the website. If there is not a local group in your area, you can contact the administrator of the site, and they can help you establish a local group.

Bartering is a way to reduce waste in the community and save you money in the process. You can get rid of things you no longer use and trade them for things you would have to purchase. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

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