Trimming Your Budget: 6 Tips to Lower Your Cable Bill

Saving money is more important than ever as we navigate through a period of economic uncertainty. Whether you find yourself unemployed at the moment or you are currently working and are just looking to trim the fat in your budget, your monthly cable bill is ripe with money savings opportunities.

Here are six ways you can lower your bill and put more of your money into savings.

Ditch the Premium Channels

The sky is the limit when it comes to premium channel add-ons that can be tacked onto your base cable package. While all of these channels may only cost a few dollars each per month, the total cost adds up significantly over time. Ask yourself if you really watch these channels and if some shows you watch on these channels can be streamed over the internet for free. Try to remove all premium channels from your cable package.

Avoid Renting Movies

Thanks to digital technology, cable companies make it super easy to rent movies without leaving the comfort of your couch. While you may think "ah, it’s just $6.00 to rent this movie," these costs add up over the course of a month-long billing cycle. Save money on your cable bill by avoiding the temptation to click and rent and make a commitment only to watch movies that come free with your cable package.

Negotiate a Better Cable Package

In order to remain competitive, cable companies constantly come up with new deals and promotions to lure in new customers. Just because you are already a customer does not mean you can't take advantage of the same savings. Call up your cable company today and negotiate a new deal on your cable contract!

Bundle Services and Save

Bundling your internet, cable, and phone services can save you a lot of money Your cable company wants all of your business and is likely to give you deep discounts if they can provide all of your entertainment and connection services — especially if you are switching one of your services over from a competitor.

Review Your Cable Bill

Go over your cable bill with a fine tooth comb to ensure you understand all the monthly charges. Cable bills are often several pages long and can contain a long list of charges that you may not even be aware you are paying. If the reason for a charge is unclear to you, call your service provider to find out what it is and if you should be charged the fee at all.

Seek Out Alternate TV Services

Ask yourself if you even need cable at all! When it comes to watching TV and movies, there are several internet streaming services available at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable. Analyze how much time you actually spend watching TV and movies and decide whether it makes sense to do away with cable completely.  

Beloved TV shows and movies provide a mental escape from all the uncertainty floating around in the world today, but you should not have to pay exorbitant fees for your daily dose of entertainment. Use these tips to analyze your monthly cable bill and see where you can save money that can be put to better use.

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