Unique Gift Ideas for Dad That Won’t Break the Bank

Are you looking for a special gift to present to your dad this Father's Day? The best gifts are those that are personalized to his tastes and interests. Here are some great gift ideas.

Everyday Gift Items

  • Personalized Photo Album. Keep the memories alive of loved ones here and past. Having a daily reminder of those near and dear to you can help make alone time more satisfying. Sites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly make it easy and cost efficient for you to create a wonderful keepsake from the comfort of your own home.
  • Soundtrack of Memorable Songs. Depending on his level of comfort with technology, find a medium that he can use to listen to his favorite songs. Whether you are burning a DVD, making a list of mp3s for his phone or other technological device or making the music accessible to him via Alexa or Google home, music helps bring back memories of a lifetime. Think of adding songs with personal meaning like his wedding song or songs that were popular when he was a teenager.


  • Concert or Show. Summertime is a great chance to get out of the house and attend an outdoor or indoor concert or show. Look around your area for a local presentation that you think he would like to attend.
  • Gift Certificate. If there is a restaurant that your dad like to go to? Present him with a gift certificate. This is a great chance for you all to spend quality time together.
  • Personal Care. There is nothing like having a professional take care of your personal needs. Offer your dad a day at the men's salon for a shave, haircut and/or manicure.

Make Everyday Easier

  • Car Services. If your dad is no longer driving, you may want to present him with the option to take a car service like Lyft or Uber to help him out. If he has never used a car service like this before, you can help him manage his account and introduce him to a new way of getting around.
  • Grocery Delivery. Offer to have his groceries delivered. This is a luxury item that most people don't consider but by using most grocery store apps, you can schedule regular deliveries of commonly used items. What a treat!
  • Engage a Tasking Service. Are there items on your dad's to-do list that they never seem to do? Present him with a service like Task Rabbit where you can engage handyman services and others to help get small jobs done.

"Of the Month" Club

  • Socks. Crazy socks are all the rage now and why shouldn't your dad be a part of it? Joining a sock of the month club can be a fun experience as you get a new pair of socks for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Beer. Enjoy award-winning beers from microbreweries delivered directly to his home with a beer of the month club. Choose a membership that best suits your senior.
  • Vinyl Record Subscription. If listening to music the "old fashioned way" is still best for your dad, join a vinyl record subscription of the month club. Each month, your dad will receive records shipped to their door. Introduce new music to him or choose to have the oldies sent along.

There is a gift out there for everyone. Be creative in your ideas and your hard work will show. Best of all, remember to enjoy the day because it is really about celebrating the special relationship you have and will continue to grow.

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